Dewey Roof

“Our industry has been under constant pressure to become better at everything we do and perform with less revenue per customer (relatively speaking). That requires more efficiency in every aspect of our business. Our team used to spend an abundance of time processing payroll functions, benefit administration, regulatory reporting and more. We attempted to handle internally at a high direct cost (not to mention incredible inefficiencies) and we have also attempted to handle through a PEO (Professional Employer Association) which also carried a high expense per employee. ConceptHR, as an ASO (Administrative Services Organization), handles everything for us better than it has ever been handled and at a much lower cost. In fact, we are spending 20% of what we once did and have an enhanced benefit package, a robust 401k plan, and improved employer and employee experience. Profound dollar savings, the ease of management and the employee experience has been
second to none.”

“ConceptHR and the ASO model is the perfect fit for us. I highly recommend taking a look at ConceptHR. This relationship has improved our company’s bottom line and, amidst all our challenges, has been a large contributor to our success.”

Richard Petty
Richard Petty Motorsports

“I give my highest recommendation to ConceptHR”

Weldon E. Wyatt, Owner
Sage Valley – Graniteville, SC

“ConceptHR has been providing Human Resources services to Sage Valley for over 10 years now and has become not only a valued asset but a reliable business partner. The most valued asset we have here at Sage Valley is the warm, friendly service provided by our staff of tenured employees. In order to keep them focused on creating magic moments for our Members and their guests, we have to reassure them that we are looking out for their best interests and are there for them as needed. Having ConceptHR partner with us to meet and address these needs, ensuring that all payroll intricacies are professionally handled, and guiding us through the choppy waters of Affordable Healthcare reform has been a true comfort. The cost savings are significant but not as valued as the comfort achieved by having a team of dedicated professionals managing our HR requirements.”

Andrew Murray, Owner
MBC – St. Augustine, FL

“We have been a client of ConceptHR for many years. They offer wonderful customer service with a personal touch. It has been a great business partnership.”

Lynne Anderson
Coral Beach – Myrtle Beach, SC

Our company is a longtime client of ConceptHR and I can’t say enough good things about them.  We have recently moved to an online timekeeping system. The entire process, from presenting options to installation, was relatively trouble-free.   And the follow-up assistance over the last few months has been exceptional.  This is typical of all of our experiences with ConceptHR.

ConceptHR has also been an invaluable resource to me as I have been navigating health care reform.  Each phone call or e-mail from me was quickly answered in normal language rather than insurance lingo.

Everyone that I have worked with at ConceptHR has been professional, knowledgeable, and equipped with a good sense of humor.  Payroll and Human Resources are not the most exciting topics in the world, and it’s good to know that I have expert support as well as a friendly person in my corner.”

Charlie Hartz, Owner
Dunkin Donuts – Aiken
, SC

“I would recommend ConceptHR to any business. They are a pleasure to work with. Any changes or reports I need are only a phone call or an email away. No bureaucracy! Also, doing business with a local company is always a plus!”

ConceptHRChris Cecil, Partner & CEO
Biltmore Family Office, Charlotte, NC.

“We moved from PayChex several years ago to ConceptHR, and have never looked back. Tim and his team have been a perfect fit for our small organization, and help with payroll, benefits, and our 401(k).”